Kim Warden

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Kim Warden is trained and experienced as a licensed clinical social worker and a substance use disorder counselor with special attention to the issues of trauma that often overlap the behavioral health concerns of mental health and substance use.



Trauma and Violence

Intimate partner physical and emotional abuse, bullying, childhood neglect, sanctuary harm, and institutional trauma

Substance Use and Addictions

Addictions to both substance of abuse and behavioral, across the behavioral spectrum including continued use, moderation, early recovery, long-term recovery and relapse prevention, questioning/ambivalence toward change

Life Transitions

Job change, movement in marriage or relationship status, shifts in parenting or caretaking roles, school or work life changes, a major physical or mental health diagnosis of your own or a loved one, addiction, recovery, or a major loss/grief

Kim has a passion for helping those whose path in life has been strewn with challenges and transitions, big and small.

Kim’s approach to therapeutic healing is borne out of the concept that through resilience we are all capable of improving — not just in spite of, but also because of the challenging life experiences we have endured. Every individual’s experience of their life events has the possibility to open up new areas of our inner life that we may not have uncovered without the assistance of a therapeutic guide and the development of new and healthy supports.

Kim has worked with individuals across the lifespan and with a diversity of personal backgrounds, philosophies, and recovery experiences. It is Kim’s belief that the individual should guide their treatment and that outcomes of “successful” treatment are determined not by the treatment provider, but by the individual. Kim considers her function to be as support and authentic reflector of the possible areas of your life path that you may benefit from illuminating.

Kim engages in individual and group psychotherapy services, supervises master’s level social workers for clinical practice, and consults with other professionals in effort to both share and garner wisdom.

Services Provided

• Therapy

• Consultation (Clinical and Administrative)

• Individual Psychotherapy

• Education and Advocacy

• Clinical Supervision

Booking a Session

Please call 314-737-6848 or email for more information.

Payment Options

Accepted Insurance:

• United Healthcare
• Medicare

She also can accept private pay and can be considered an “out-of-network” provider by insurance companies and will provide you with the necessary paperwork and diagnosis in order for you to receive insurance reimbursement for her services. She can provide necessary paperwork for your HSA use or tax itemization.

For her services you may pay by cash, credit card, or check.


Before coming to the St. Louis Wellness Center, Kim has prior experience working in:

• Community Mental Health, both direct care and management

• Clinical Supervision

• Criminal Legal System, both direct care and systemic reform

• Training behavioral health workers and ancillary professionals

• Academic (social work) and research (trauma) settings