Utilizing mostly your mind, these treatments effect your entire well-being


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Working with the mind is more subtle than most would have you believe. Our treating providers at the St. Louis Wellness Center understand the interactions of the mind and the body and constantly address them in tandem.


Since minds can be impacted in many ways, we have a variety of providers from which to choose for your health and wellness. Understanding, learning, practicing, re-tooling, habit changing, feeling, expressing, receiving support and validation – all of these and more are ways of helping you address your concerns.


Working properly with the mind requires incredible subtly and knowledge, wisdom really. These are obtained through experience, years of dedication, training, supervision, and exploration of self and others’ psyche. Our StLWC providers, have on an average 15 years of experience each, no one here is learning their craft on you!


Since we are home to many different types of experts, the qualifications for each varies. You may check our team page for a list of each person’s qualifications, certifications, and licensure.

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We provide a wide range of general treatments



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We provide a wide range of cosmetic treatments




We provide a wide range of orthodontics treatments

Customer succes stories

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My husband and I have been traveling and needed a way to de-stress. I emailed over the weekend and called and Dr. Gwin, the person I wanted to speak with, was out of town. However, Eric, the Co-director, put us in touch with Bev and she came in on her day off to accommodate our schedule to do some craniosacral therapy. Eric even contacted me to be sure that appointment was going to work. All more than I would have expected! We arrived and just upon entering, felt the tensions beginning to leave. The atmosphere is so supportive! We also decided to take an infrared sauna and “whole body vibration therapy,” which I had never tried. I highly recommend both! Most of all, I recommend the practitioners. This is a true gold mine! THANK YOU!


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The practitioners are highly skilled and work together to create a full range of modalities under one roof. The facility exudes peacefulness, warmth and love. The products that are used are of the highest quality. This high level of professionalism starts at the top with Dr. Gwin Stewart. Congratulations to Dr. Stewart on creating an exceptional health and wellness collaborative. Our community is blessed to have the St. Louis Wellness Center in our neighborhood.