Rikki Techner


As a licensed esthetician, Rikki Techner believes in the power of a ritualized skincare routine to improve mental health and emotional well-being.



Rikki is a licensed esthetician and experienced skincare formulator. Through Mind Body Skin Care, Rikki offers a full range of skincare products and facial services, as well as small-batch, custom-made skincare products, which intensively focus on your skin conditions and concerns while helping you relax and recover from the stresses of daily life.

Mind Body Skin Care

She creates products based on skin type that gently nurture your skin, as well as powerful serums that treat a variety of concerns. As an esthetician, her goal is to help you find mental and emotional peace through the power of gentle but effective skincare.

Rikki specializes in:

Holistic and healing skincare for all types of skin

• Skincare needs unique to the LGBT community

• Trans skincare and effects of hormonal changes on your skin

• Skincare needs specific for people of color

• Meditative facials

• Aromatherapy

The skin is one of the most important, yet neglected systems in your body. Your skin protects your interior organs, regulates your body temperature, and allows you to feel sensation. To accomplish all this, your skin needs a skincare routine that can provide everything it needs, in addition to preventing hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, and treating acne. An excellent skincare ritual, customized by Mind Body Skin Care, keeps you feeling good in your skin.

Good skin can be important for mental health and self esteem. How we look has a huge impact on how we feel – when believe that we look better, we feel better. By adding a mindfulness component to your daily skincare ritual, you can  combine the relaxation found with repetitive motion and the confidence found with excellent health and beauty. Contact Mind Body Skin Care for an appointment to help with your mindful skincare ritual.

She believes that everyone deserves to take a moment for themselves, take a deep breath, and do what they need to feel good in their skin every single day.

Rikki was born and raised in St. Louis. In her 10-year career as a film and special effects makeup artist in Los Angeles, Rikki saw skin of all types and conditions. She can tell you without a doubt that makeup is no substitute for healthy, revitalized skin.

After several years of making her own creams and cleansers for personal use, Rikki enrolled in the School of Natural Skincare and began formulating professional products. With the encouragement of her close friends and family, she decided to begin selling these products, and Mind Body Skin Care was born.

Rikki lives in South County with her wife, Maggie, and their two dogs, Kaylee and Mako. She is passionate about vegetarian food, social justice, mindfulness and science fiction.

Services Provided

• Holistic skincare

• Facials

• Body Treatments

• Airbrush Makeup

• Bridal Makeup

Booking a Session

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Please call 314-422-0308 or email rikki@mbscskincare.com for more information.

Payment Options

For her services you may pay by cash or check.


• 10 years as a Hollywood makeup artist – see Rikki's IMDB page for her makeup credits

• Founder and formulator at Mind Body Skin Care