Meaghan Sablich

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Meaghan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Clinical Supervisor who has worked in the mental health field for 11+ years.



EFFT: Family/parent/caregiver therapy: Are you struggling to connect with or support your child? Do you experience shame or self-doubt as a parent or caregiver? Do you want to increase your own awareness and understanding of your child's brain development and how that relates to their emotions, thoughts and behaviors at different stages in their life? Do you worry about your child's self-confidence or worth? Do you struggle with your own reactions to your child? Together we will explore patterns that get in the way of the relationship you want with your family member(s) and increase awareness and skills around relationship repair, emotion coaching, effective communication, symptom interruption and connection with your loved one(s).

Anxiety: Does your child, teen or young adult struggle with constant worries, irrational fears, patterns of avoidance, perfectionism, obsessive thoughts and/or compulsive behaviors?

Depression: Does your child, adolescent or young adult exhibit symptoms of depression such as isolation, feelings of hopelessness, changes in eating or sleep, loss of interest in activities and hobbies, flat affect, low motivation or overall depressed mood? Do you observe a marked change in behavior in your child? Does your child struggle to express their internal world or ask for help?

Eating Disorders: Does your loved one exhibit any disordered eating habits or behaviors such as: restricting food intake, hiding food, skipping meals, over-exercising, binging, purging, rigid food labeling, fears of certain foods, fear of weight-gain, negative body-image, distorted thinking about body or food, obsessive thoughts about food, body or movement? Eating disorders often arise out of a need to cope with or regulate other emotions and challenges going on. It is both a mental and medical issue that needs to be properly assessed and addressed with a comprehensive approach and often, a multidisciplinary team.

School-based issues: Do you have concerns about your child's learning or social functioning at school? Do you have questions about rights of parents and families in the school system regarding learning and social-emotional supports? Is your child struggling socially in any way such as bullying concerns, social anxiety or working with others? Does your child have an FBA or IEP in place that you would like extra support and collaboration on or outside services for? Does your child refuse school or struggle with school-based anxiety? Does your child struggle with attention at school?

Crisis Intervention: Has your loved one expressed thoughts or ideas of harming oneself or others? Has your loved one or family have proximity to someone experiencing suicidal thoughts or attempts, self-harm or harm others? Have you noticed an increased sense of hopelessness, withdrawal or marked change in behavior in your loved one? Is your family or loved one in a mental health crisis? Immediate and emergency Resources include: calling 911, National Suicide Prevention Hotline 800-273-TALK (8255) or now you can dial just 988 just as you would 911 in case of emergency. Also, you can always take your loved one to the closest emergency room for immediate safety and monitoring.

Emotional Regulation Issues: Do you notice your child struggling with maladaptive behaviors or patterns in relationship to big emotions? Do you struggle to co-regulate with your child and knowing how to most effectively respond when your loved one is dysregulated? Does your loved one's patterns get in the way of their functioning, coping or creating meaningful relationships in their lives including a loving relationship with themself?

Self worth and empowerment work: Does your child, adolescent or young adult struggle with low self-worth? Do you notice your loved one exhibiting negative self-talk, low confidence or motivation, concerning patterns of self-blame and self-doubt, lacking healthy boundaries in relationships, and seeking validation from others to measure their self worth?

She received her Master's in Social Work from the University of Denver with a concentration in Family and Child Clinical Track.

Meaghan has also earned her advanced training certificate in Emotion Focused Family Therapy. Meaghan has worked in a variety of therapeutic settings including inpatient hospital, residential and day treatment centers, schools, non-profit organization and private practice.  During graduate school, Meaghan interned for the Conflict Center, working with court mandated youth and their families as well as a primary therapist at the Children's Hospital Colorado  in their eating disorder unit.  Upon graduating her master's program, Meaghan worked as a primary therapist at Eating Recovery Center's Child and Adolescent treatment program for eating disorders, as a school social worker for STRIVE Prep Charter Schools and in practice at The Child and Family Therapy Center at Lowry in Denver, Colo. She has continued her work in  private practice since moving to St. Louis in 2019.

Meaghan works with children, adolescents, young adults and families for a variety of issues/needs including:  family therapy, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, parent/caregiver coaching, school challenges and evaluation, crisis intervention/safety assessment, ADHD/executive functioning needs, grief and loss and general emotional regulation needs for kids and adolescents.  Meaghan offers family, individual and group therapy, school consultation and clinical supervision.

Meaghan utilizes a strengths-based approach to empower and support you and/or your family. Together, we will build emotional safety and trust, increase awareness of your strengths and barriers in your life and work to build more genuine connection and understanding within yourself and your family. With Emotion Focused Family Therapy as a foundation of her practice, Meaghan will help you and your family explore disruptive patterns and maladaptive behaviors, build shame resilience and self worth, tune in to emotions and develop the necessary tools to support themselves and/or their loved ones in their daily lives. Meaghan does not believe "one size fits all." She will devise a creative, differentiated and individualized treatment plan with you and your family. She utilizes a variety of treatment modalities and skills such as expressive art, mindfulness, yoga and movement, CBT and DBT skills, FBT, ERP, neuroscience-based strategies, psychoeducation, empowerment work, shame resilience strategies, play, crisis intervention, and values work to allow for you and/or your family to participate in the therapeutic process in a way that is most engaging and authentic to you.  Meaghan's goal is to provide a safe, mindful and joyful space where you and your loved one(s) can learn, grow and thrive in a meaningful way.

Services Provided

• Individual Psychotherapy

• Family therapy

• Supervision

Booking a Session

Please call 314-504-2346 or email for more information.

Payment Options

Meaghan is considered an “out-of network” provider by insurance companies and will provide you with necessary paperwork and a diagnosis in order for you to receive insurance reimbursement for her services. She can provide necessary paperwork for your HSA use or tax itemization.

For her services you may pay by cash, credit card, or check.


Meaghan's experience prior to creating the St. Louis Wellness Center has included working and supervising in:

• Inpatient hospital

• Residential and day treatment centers

• Schools

• Nonprofit organizations

• Private practice