Kimberly Yurkovich


Kim Yurkovich is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist dedicated to helping individuals eliminate negative habitual thinking that keeps people languishing, disconnected from their happiness.



Kim specializes in regression hypnotherapy, a process that safely takes you back to the first crucial, significant memory that created the emotional pain and habitual thoughts and behaviors you’re experiencing today. Regression therapy is designed to help guide individuals to finally detach from this pain, so they can live more happily, and practice self-care.

More generally, regression therapy can help those suffering from anxiety and depression, addictions, general unhappiness, feelings of being stuck or lost and unseen, fear, trauma, and lack of confidence. It is also helpful in connecting the mind and body, aiding physical issues such as pain, autoimmune disorders, cancer, acid reflux, and menopause symptoms, among others.

Kim likes to note that often our pain lies deeply within our subconscious mind, which is where all our memories are housed. Think of it as our guidance system, the subconscious creates our self-beliefs and guides our behaviors. By working at the subconscious level, hypnotherapy can help uncover deep beliefs, understand how they began, and modify those that no longer serve an individual's growth and happiness.

Through regression hypnotherapy, Kim will guide you to the root cause of your emotional pain and behavioral patterns to help eliminate what doesn’t serve you.

Once eliminated, Kim will help guide you forward with the tools you need to manage daily life in the healthiest way possible.

Ways to work with Kim

Schedule a free discovery call where you can discuss what you’re experiencing and what your goals are for Hypnotherapy.

From here, if we determine Hypnotherapy is the right approach, we’ll proceed by scheduling three sessions.

• The first session will focus on getting to the root cause of what’s creating the emotional pain and behavioral patterns that aren’t serving you.

• Secondly, we will work together to eliminate and detach you from the emotional pain and coping mechanisms that have you languishing in unhappiness.

• Third, you will be given new tools, and ways to manage life, in ways that help you versus hurt you.

Sessions are weekly and can be in person or via Zoom.
Price:  $525 or $175/session.
Purchase all three at once for $450, a savings of $75.

Sometimes after completing three sessions, people find it helpful to have additional sessions or tune-ups from time to time. These sessions are available for $150, at any time.

Additional Hypnotherapy Programs

Stopping Self-Sabotage

Self-sabotage is a way our brains keep our lives predictable. It also helps us prove our own negative self-talk.

Through five sessions, over five weeks, we’ll focus our Hypnotherapy sessions on teaching your subconscious mind to eliminate the triggers that have kept you from reaching your goals and getting what you want in life.

Self-sabotage is likely the result of low self-esteem, negative self-talk, fear, protection and related negative emotions, which are continually reinforced by resulting failure.

In Hypnotherapy, we’ll use regression to uncover how and why the self-sabotage cycle began, so we can retrain the brain to stop the habitual cycle of thoughts and behaviors that hold you back. After five weeks you will understand triggers and self-defeating behaviors, while managing change and challenges as they come, as you continue to positively pivot, to reach your goals.

Price:  $750, a savings of $125 (regular sessions $175 each).
Purchase the package for $700, a total savings of $175.

Finding Happy

Through six Hypnotherapy sessions over six weeks, we’ll get you back to living happier. If you’re languishing in unhappiness, but you don’t know why, then this program is designed for you.

The truth is, as kids we learn how to cope with our lives the best way we can at the time. The issue is, without an adult mindset or mental capacity, how we learn to cope sticks with us and manifests in our adult lives in ways that don’t serve us.

If any of these sound familiar, this program is designed to help:

• You’re sad, depressed, and anxious

• You expect the worst

• You are a people pleaser

• You drink, do drugs, eat — in order to cope

• You procrastinate

• You can’t focus

• You are emotionally reactive

• You push your feelings down

• You feel like a failure

• Nothing you do, or have, is ever enough

• You don’t feel lovable

• You don’t think good things are available to you because you’re different

• You’re not enough

The more we ignore our inner conflict, the stronger the pain becomes. The more you ignore the pain the more painful your life will become.

This program is designed to dissolve negative emotional states and break free from the suffering of your mind, so you can transform into the happiest version of you.

Pricing: $850 (a savings of $200, based upon the $175/session regular rate).
Purchase all six sessions and pay $800 – for a total savings of nearly $250.

Booking a Session

Please call 314-288-5411 or email for more information.

Payment Options

Kimberly accepts credit cards, PayPal, Venmo and Zelle payments.

Schedule a free Discovery Call where we can discuss what you’re experiencing and what your goals are for Hypnotherapy.


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Private practice, September 2021 – May 2023

Before pursuing what she considers her “calling” as a hypnotherapist, Kim spent the better part of 25 years working in corporate communications and public relations.


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist — Theta Academy
Master of Arts, Media Communications — Webster University
Bachelor of Science, Psychology — University of Northern Colorado