Kemberlee Mahaffey

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Kem has an array of experience working with women, navigating through crises and holding space in times of grief and loss.



Kem utilizes many techniques for her specialties in:

Individual Counseling:
Kem may utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness strategies, and provide education on the power of the mind and how it interacts with and affects our body.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)





Relationship Issues

Women's Issues

Prior to receiving her MSW from The Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis in 2005, Kem worked with homeless women and children as a case manager.

Since her graduate degree, Kem has been a School Social Worker, as well as a part-time adjunct academic advisor for MSW students and volunteer program coordinator for young adults participating in a career development year through the National
Benevolent Association.

Kem is passionate about and has received specific training in mindfulness-based strategies, grief counseling and women’s issues. Utilizing mindfulness has been a beneficial modality when facing issues of grief, depression, pain management and anxiety. The pressures we might feel from society or the expectations we tend to place on ourselves can feel overwhelming. Kem will help to restore some sense of balance and navigation that fits your individuality, while providing you the time and safe environment to explore, remember and grieve.

Kem believes in the importance of a collaborative client/therapist relationship and supports the therapeutic process with hands-on, practical and educational solutions to utilize throughout your daily life. Together, we will consider a holistic approach, creating an authentic environment in order to facilitate real change.

Knowledge is power. We will work to identify strengths and weaknesses, explore new ideas and create proactive behavior patterns and thought processes to build a sense of empowerment and positive engagement in your life.

Services Provided

• Individual Counseling

• Teens (ages 16 and older)

• Young Adults

• Adults

Booking a Session

Please call 314-413-3526 or email for more information.


Session Cost


Payment Options

Accepted Insurance

United Healthcare

For her services you may pay by cash, credit card, or check.


Kem’s experience includes:

• Private Practice


• Certification in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

• NASW membership

• Intensive Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Training