Beckah Reed
Spiritual Transformation Guide: Subtle Energy Practitioner

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Beckah Reed enjoys her work in somatics, focusing on transformation through subtle energies, including moving meditations.  She has been practicing and studying various healing and meditation modalities since 1973, including Transcendental Meditation, Universal Energy, Qigong, and Hun Yuan Taiji.  She is a Master Reiki Practitioner, certified in Level I of Pranic Healing and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). She also attended the Barbara Brennan School for Healing for two years.

Beckah Reed is Artistic Director of Dance at Webster University, and passionate about the dance of subtle energy.  Her decades of international modern dance performance, choreography, and improvisation, combined with her years of meditation, qigong, taiji, reiki, and somatics, provide her with a dynamic perspective of life and health.


The Process of Transformation with Subtle Energy:

  • Relax, Release - Exhale/Cleanse

  • Reconfigure with Ease - Suspend/Balance

  • Refresh, Invigorate - Inhale/Charge

Beckah utilizes chakras, which are energy centers in the body, swirling vortexes, spiraling energy in and out. Chakras have different frequencies, which create tempo, color, density, pathway - all ways of acknowledging health. Chakras serve as doorways to energy fields.

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  • Taiji, Hun Yuan Style with Sifu Justin Meehan; 3/2000 - 2016

  • Qigong; 1991 - Present

  • Wu Dang Workshop, St. Louis; 3/9 - 3/11 2012

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques, Level I; 2007

  • Interplay; 2016

  • Pranic Healing, Level I; 2/11/2016

  • Authentic Movement Workshops; 9/2003, 3/2004

  • Barbara Brennan School of Healing; 2003, 2004

  • Reiki Levels I-III, Master Teacher; 3/1996, 3/1997, 3/2003

  • Universal Energy: Levels I-III; 1993

  • Yang Style Taiji; 1975

  • Transcendental Meditation; 1974
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M.A. Dance, An emphasis in performance and choreography of dance theatre, University of Colorado, Boulder: 1981

B.A. Theatre, Magna Cum Laude, Colorado Women’s College, Denver 1975

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Group Teaching of Subtle Energy (Moving Meditations)

  • American College Dance Association Annual Conferences: 2008-Present

  • Webster University (for Independent Studies and Improvisation classes): 1995-Present

  • Brentwood Center of Health: 2008-2011

Private Practice in Subtle Energy

  • Home and Distance Visits: 2006-Present

  • Brentwood Center of Health: 2006-2013

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For Table Sessions:
  • Approximately 15 minutes for prior consultation

  • Approximately 45-60 for tablework

  • Approximately 15 minutes to an hour to share afterwards, if desired.

For Group Moving Meditations:

  • Two hours, Half Day, or Weekend Experiences
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Depending on the duration of the session/workshop:

Table Sessions: $70-$125

Moving Meditations Workshops $20-$200

Sliding Scale payments are accepted according to financial need

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For more information about moving meditations workshops, visit our Energy/Movement therapy page. To contact Beckah directly, call her at 314-740-0043 or email her at

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